This is the MOST INNOVATIVE Auto Care Restoration Package offered! For persons looking to achieve maximum potential in the next level detailing and auto reconditioning for their show car, or to get the most out of your automotive investment. The Master’s Signature Package was Made For You! Offering our exclusive Professionals DIAMOND 3-Step Paint Correction for medium to heavy scratches, swirls, oxidation & other paint imperfections, in addition to TOTAL Interior Reconditioning! EXTERIOR Thorough Washing - Hand wash using only premium soap and an extra soft wash mitt, then dried with compressed air & plush towels. Bug & Tar Removal - Remove bugs, tar & mild sap from affected areas using a paint safe cleaner. Wheels, Wheel Wells, Tires & All Jambs Detailed - Wheels deep cleaned & detailed in and out using a premium wheel cleaner specialized for your vehicle, wheel wells are wiped clean & door jambs wiped spotless, followed by wax applied for added protection. Exhaust Tip - Cleaned & Polished. Engine Detailing - All surface are lightly doused using engine safe degreaser then detailed by hand through all that is accessible, followed by wax being applied for added protection. Clay Bar Entire Vehicle - This process deep cleans your paint removing contaminants, leaving your vehicle with a like-new smooth fresh feel - preparing it for our Professionals DIAMOND 3-Step Paint Correction process. Professionals DIAMOND 3-Step Paint Correction - Professionals exclusive polishing technique removes medium to heavy scratches, swirls and oxidation that’s affecting your vehicles paint over a course of time from harsh environmental fallout & contaminants. Once finished, your vehicle will be at its maximum potential of appearance with a brilliant gloss finish along with a premium sealant that will protect your paint investment for up to 14 months! Glass Protection - Professionals Rain Repellent adds unbelievable visibility and is highly used in the aviation industry to repel rain, sleet and snow for up to a year depending on conditions. Plastic & Trim Restore - Our premium trim conditioner is used to restore a like-new finish lasting at least a year; sometimes longer depending on conditions. Wheels Protected & Tires Dressed - Wheels protected using our special formulated wheel wax to protect from brake dust, salt and other damaging fallouts - then tires dressed for a beautiful wheel restoration finish! INTERIOR Compressed Air - Compressed air ensures every crack and crevice is thoroughly cleaned. Clean All Surfaces - Clean all interior’s consoles, panels, trims, cracks, crevices and dash - using course and soft brushes with our pH neutral all-purpose cleaner that both cleans and disinfects surfaces. Headliner Cleaned - Headliner is carefully cleaned with a specialized cleaning solution to remove small to medium stains. Complete Interior Vacuum - All floors, seats, under seats, trunk/cargo area and cracks & crevices thoroughly vacuumed. Extract & Shampoo - All carpets, floor mats, and seats are extracted and shampooed to remove ground-in dirt and stains as well as refreshing your vehicle’s fabric. Deep Cleaning & Leather Conditioning - Dirt and debris removed from all leather surfaces then conditioned with  our premium leather conditioner to restore natural oils along with protecting form harmful UV rays and weathering. Fabric Protection- Professionals fabric protection applied to both floors and seats to allow a protective barrier between the fabric and any staining liquid to help prevent permanent damage. Interior Plastic & Vinyls Dressed - Apply our top-of-the-line non-greasy dressing for added protection from UV rays and wear along with providing a natural shine. Windows & Mirrors - All glass areas and mirrors cleaned to a streak-free finish.
Cars · $629-$699 Trucks & Vans · $689-$799
Professionals Detailing Lounge  LLC, Auto Detailing, Hagerstown, MD
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