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EXTERIOR Thorough Washing, Bug & Tar Removal - Hand washed using our specially formulated soap and premium wash mitt. Bugs and light tar removed from all surface areas. Hand dried using a 100% synthetic chamois. Wheels & Wheel Wells Throughly Cleaned - Wheel wells sprayed using a heavy safe de-greaser and wells wiped clean. Wheel cleaner, specialized for your vehicle, applied then rinsed away. Clay Bar Entire Vehicle - Clay bar entire vehicle deep cleaning your paint removing contaminants leaving your vehicle with a like- new smooth feel. Door Jambs Cleaned & Waxed - Door jambs wiped clean and wax applied for added protection. Paint Protection - Premium wax applied by hand; designed to help protect your vehicle form all environmental elements for up to 9 months. INTERIOR Clean All Surfaces - Thorough detail of all interior’s consoles, panels, trims, cracks, crevices and dash; using course and soft brushes with our pH neutral all-purpose cleaner that both cleans and disinfects surfaces. Stain Removal - A hand full of small stains removed included in this package (additional stains priced accordingly). Vacuum & Shampooing - Floors, seats, trunk and all cracks & crevices thoroughly vacuumed. Shampooing of floors and all mats. Leather Conditioning - Premium leather conditioner applied to restore natural oils along with protecting form harmful UV rays and weathering. Interior Plastic & Vinyls Dressed - Apply our top-of-the-line non-greasy dressing for added protection from UV rays and wear, along with providing a natural shine. Windows & Mirrors - All glass areas and mirrors cleaned to a streak-free finish. NOTE: Excessive dirt/debris, animal hair, or stains are subject to an up-charge.

Signature Plus

Windshield Visibility Treatment: $89 (Recommended every 9 Months) Engine Cleaning: S $34 M $39 L $45 Fabric Protection: S $59 M $69 L $89 Spot Buffing: Starting at $34 Premium Leather Conditioning & Protection: $ call for price
$239-$259  (Outside of 5 mile radius is an additional $15-$49 Service Fee depending on location.)
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