EXTERIOR Hand Wash Using Our Special Formulated Soap Wheel Cleaner Applied Wheels Hand Cleaned Vehicle Dried Using 100% Synthetic Chamois Mild Wipe Down of Door Jambs Vacuum of Driver/Passenger Areas Spray Wax Tires Dressed INTERIOR Light Dusting of Dash, Center Console and Cup Holder Areas Vacuum of All Trafficked Areas, Including Trunk and Cargo Space All Glass and Mirrors Cleaned


EXTERIOR Thorough Washing, Bug & Tar Removal - Hand washed using our specially formulated soap and premium wash mitt. Bugs and light tar removed from all surface areas. Hand dried using a 100% synthetic chamois. Wheels & Wheel Wells Throughly Cleaned - Wheel wells sprayed using a heavy safe de-greaser and wells wiped clean. Wheel cleaner, specialized for your vehicle, applied then rinsed away. Clay Bar Entire Vehicle - Clay bar entire vehicle deep cleaning your paint removing contaminants leaving your vehicle with a like- new smooth feel. Door Jambs Cleaned & Waxed - Door jambs wiped clean and wax applied for added protection. Paint Protection - Professionals 100% carnauba Miami Shine wax applied by hand; designed to help protect your vehicle form all environmental elements for up to 9 months. INTERIOR Clean All Surfaces - Thorough detail of all interior’s consoles, panels, trims, cracks, crevices and dash; using course and soft brushes with our pH neutral all-purpose cleaner that both cleans and disinfects surfaces. Stain Removal - A hand full of small stains removed included in this package (additional stains priced accordingly). Vacuum & Shampooing - Floors, seats, trunk and all cracks & crevices thoroughly vacuumed. Shampooing of floors and all mats. Leather Conditioning - Premium leather conditioner applied to restore natural oils along with protecting form harmful UV rays and weathering. Interior Plastic & Vinyls Dressed - Apply our top-of-the-line non-greasy dressing for added protection from UV rays and wear, along with providing a natural shine. Windows & Mirrors - All glass areas and mirrors cleaned to a streak-free finish.
Cars · $229-$259 Trucks & Vans · $259-$299
EXTERIOR Hand Wash Wheels De-greased & Power Washed Tires Dressed INTERIOR Vacuum Driver/Passenger Areas
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